Pain levels should be reduced with the 1st laser therapy session. The results are cumulative over time, and more severe pain may not be significantly decreased until you have undergone 3-5 treatments.

Usually the treatment takes less than 10 minutes. Most sessions require 3-9 minutes.

Laser therapy has been in use for a number of years. Physicians have discovered that these non-invasive therapies have helped patients achieve lasting relief from pain, and some injuries are noted to heal faster. During the past two decades the use of lasers has been steadily increasing.

Physicians often combine laser therapy with other modalities. The overall effectiveness of laser therapy can be increased when it is used in conjunction with massage, physical therapy or other pain treatment options.

Most patients experience no unusual sensations during the therapy session. Occasionally you may notice that an injury becomes more sensitive momentarily and then this feeling should subside.

You can expect very little (if any) type of sensation during your treatment session. Some patients have reported that their skin tingles during the therapy sessions. Other patients note that they experience some warmth on the body area that is being treated.

Side effects are rare and risks are almost non-existent. The most common complaint from patients is that their existing pain increases shortly after the treatment session has been completed. This is a temporary response to the laser therapy and it is usually indicative that the body’s normal healing response is being stimulated.

This depends on the patient and the diagnosis. If you are being treated for a chronic injury or chronic pain then most experts recommend that you undergo these treatment sessions 2-3 times per week. As improvement begins to occur then the treatments may only be needed once or twice in a 2 week period.

You should expect an average of 10-15 treatments in total, if your pain is chronic in nature. Some patients with debilitating problems such as arthritis may elect to continue their laser therapy without a definite time frame to end the treatments.

Acute conditions may be resolved with as few as 1-6 laser treatments.

Daily therapy is recommended for severe pain and acute conditions. The sooner therapy is begun, the better the results will be.