Lasers are known for their precision. It is for this reason that laser therapy is used in the treatment of both mild and chronic injuries and conditions. From healing tissues and pain management, laser therapy is employed not only in hospitals but also by chiropractic physicians for your well-being.

Types of Lasers Used in Laser Therapy

Lasers are usually categorized based on their output power. Lasers meant for clinical use come in three main types, class 3a, class 3b and class 4 or K-laser as it is also popularly referred to. Class 3 lasers are standard pointer lasers that are mainly used to treat superficial wounds. This is because they have considerably small outputs ranging from 5 milliwatts to about 400 milliwatts, with wavelengths of between 635-800 nanometers. Due to the limited power and wavelength, they can only penetrate a few centimeters into the skin.

A K-laser is preferred for therapy because it can overcome all the limitations of the class 3 lasers. It can penetrate deeper into the tissue thus healing deep-seated wounds and pain.

When to Use Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment option that you should consider in many instances. In fact, before deciding to go for surgery, it is advisable to consider this option. Shrinking tumors, relieving symptoms associated with cancer and also curing both mild and chronic pain can be achieved through this technology. You can also use laser therapy to remove kidney stones, improve vision, decrease swelling and heal vertebral disc conditions. According to the National Cancer Institute, this therapy can also be used in treating different forms of cancers including cervical, penile, small cell lung cancer and skin cancer. Lasers can also be used to cauterize wounds. They are very effective in cauterizing blood vessels after surgery to prevent further blood loss. Nerve ending and lymph vessels can also benefit from this use.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Other its ability to treat numerous conditions, laser therapy offers a number of advantages.


Laser can be used in treating a number of conditions where surgery is also feasible. However, unlike surgery, laser therapy is precise and will target the affected area only. This reduces harm to surrounding tissue. Furthermore, cuts made by laser are shallow and can be cauterized which in turn makes them heal faster.

Shorter Treatment Times

Laser operations take a very short time. In fact, it is not common to be admitted for laser surgery. If anesthesia is needed during the procedure, its effects only last for a very short time.

Minimal Side Effects

Patients who have had laser therapy heal faster and rarely have any complications. In addition, there is usually less swelling and pain after the procedure. Scarring is also minimal or absent altogether since this technique is noninvasive.

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Laser therapy may not boast of increased public awareness as surgeries, but it is the way to go. You will certainly reap all these benefits and also get whatever condition you have cured while eliminating most of the side effects associated with other forms of treatment. In addition, why would you go for drugs and surgeries when all you need is a session or two of laser therapy to get well?

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